You don't need a gym membership to work out. You don't have to run for hours to be thinner. You don't have to pay a lot of $$$ to get into shape or to stay in shape. You may find that improving your fitness benefits your life in other ways such as (1) improved sleep, (2) better time-management, (3) reduced stress, (4) feeling more self-disciplined, (5) improved mood, (6) improved self-esteem or confidence, and (7) a sense of having more control over your own life and body.

There is a multitude of literature that supports the idea that exercising for one half of an hour, five times per week, each week can have tremendous health benefits for you. According to the American Heart Association, moderate aerobic exercise, prescribed at that rate, is phenomenal for your heart health!

That's all well and good, but, what if you feel weird and awkward and don't want to show-off your skills (or lack thereof) in front of strangers at a gym, or face-to-face with a personal trainer? Maybe you feel shy. Or anxious. Or maybe you're just not really sure if you'll actually be able to follow through with a long-term financial commitment to working out. 


Guess what...?! You've found the right gal ;) I'm Coach Alex. I want to help you take your fitness to the next level. I am a Certified Fitness Trainer and I will use my experiences as a lifelong athlete and high school sports coach to prepare a program to meet your individual needs. I am sensitive to the needs of differently-abled people, including but not limited to those requiring accommodations for physical limitations, and those with mental illness, and or/other psychological or neurological differences. I am NOT a healthcare professional, nor am I providing any medical advice. I am simply here to help you put, into practice, scientifically-sound information about exercise and nutrition that I have learned from my training at the International Sports Sciences Association.

We can work together to help you reach your goals remotely [skype, facetime, FB messenger hangouts, et c.] & in-person - South Shore/Boston area to help you achieve your personal goals such as...

  1. reducing fat on your body,
  2. becoming stronger,
  3. getting faster,
  4. toning up your body,
  5. building muscle,
  6. preparing for fitness competitions,
  7. strength & conditioning for the athletic season,
  8. improve range of motion and flexibility

We can do video chat sessions, sessions at your home, weekly email programs, one-time exercise/nutrition instructions, and so much more. Bring your friends! You + up to 4 friends can participate in small group exercise instruction.


Check out my rates for more information, or send me a message on the contact page. Your message here is sent directly to my personal e-mail account, so you don't have to worry about waiting for days. I promise to respond to your correspondences in a timely manner.